Thursday, June 16, 2011

Samsung Releases 30-pin to USB Adapter for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 adapterWhen the 3.1 upgrade came to Honeycomb, so did a lot of cool features, one being the ability to allow your tablet to perform as a USB host. This was cool and all, but this usually required a full-sized USB port which is not featured on most Android tablets without an adapter. One such tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was nice, neat and cool, it didn't have a full-sized USB port. However, Samsung recently tweeted about an adapter that just went on sale allowing you to get on with your hosting via your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

USB hosting is a great feature that, unfortunately, has been missing from Android phones due to power restraints. However, tablets have larger batteries so hosting was possible. Google was the first to show off the ability to host accessories like thumb drives, keyboards and gaming controllers to the Android 3.1. The problem was that most of these devices need a full-sized USB port, so you would need to get a micro-to-standard USB adapter in order to do so and you would need to make sure your device even had a micro USB port.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a really amazing tablet with a great battery, dual core power and the fact that it is the thinnest 10.1" tablet on the market. The one downside is that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lacks a standard USB port, going for a 30-pin connector instead. However, Samsung has heard our cries and designed a 30-pin to USB adapter. This device will run you $19.99 plus shipping and handling but doesn't support power over USB. This isn't outrageous by any means but if you want hosting then you will need this adapter.

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