Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Microsoft Removed 1,500 Fake Apps And Is Refunding Money For Them

Have you ever been on the app store searching for something, and then paid for it, only to realize that it isn't anything like the description said? Many of us have been completely screwed over is some sort of scenario like this. Finally, it Microsoft has taken notice and has actually done something to solve the issue and make sure that it never happens again.

Microsoft has finally decided to take a stand against misleading apps in the Windows Store. They changed their policies on apps, and the result was the removal of 1,500 fake apps.

Along with the revised policy, there are also different Windows Store app certification requirements now. There are three big changes that are going to make things a lot better. The first big change is that apps have to be named in a way that clearly defines what the app actually does.

Apps now also have to be organized in the correct category for the apps function and purpose. That way nothing stupid is popping up in a category that it doesn't belong in. That alone will cut down on a lot of sketchiness.

Another huge thing is that apps are not allowed to have icons that look too similar to other apps.

Microsoft said that most of the developers of the apps in the Windows Store have already agreed to comply with all of the new rules. Some developers didn't decide to comply, and that is why the company removed 1,500 apps. They are done playing games, and it's going to make life a lot better for all of the users.

Another super cool move that Microsoft is making is the fact that they are going to refund the cost of any app that was downloaded because of a misleading title or description. That is pretty cool of them.

They are also working on speeding up the review process and they encourage users to report any problems they have with any suspicious app that might have slipped by somehow. If you run into anything like that, just use the "report concern to Microsoft" link in the Windows Store.

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