Friday, January 23, 2015

The 5 Best Apps You Don't Know About!

There are literally millions of apps on the market, and new ones come out every day. At this point, there are way too many to just gamble on them until you find the right ones for you. Hopefully, this list can help you find some super productive apps that will help you out in your everyday life!

Nintype: A super fast keyboard app

Nintype is an app that lets you type super fast by combining swiping motions and double tapping for double letters. It also has shortcuts for saved texts, emojis, hashtags, and any other shortcuts you set up. With this keyboard app, you can type more than 100 words per minute!

Cloe: Siri's smarter sister

Cloe is kind of like Siri. You can use it when you need to find an answer to just about any question. The main difference is that Cloe is actually powered by actual people. Sometimes Siri can steer you a little wrong, or give you something that isn't exactly what you were looking for. By interacting with a real human, the chances of that are slim. Also, you don't even need an app. It's not an app at all! You just have to sign up, and then you can text Cloe any time you'd like.

Workflow: Keeping  you from wasting time

Basically, Workflow is an app that can customize your phone to be more productive, in general. You can use it to completely skip tasks that waste time. You can tell your phone exactly what to do when it notices a certain action. You can schedule certain pictures to upload to social media, automatically call in to conference calls at the exact time they are scheduled, and pretty much anything else you can think of that will keep you productive.

Evernote Scannable: Grow your LinkedIn profile by scanning business cards

Basically, this app makes digital copies of business cards, receipts, and anything else. It pulls the information from these documents, finds the person on LinkedIn, and saves them to your contact list. Brilliant.

Duet: Use your iPad as a 2nd display for your Mac

If you have an extra iPad laying around, you can actually use it to be way more productive than you might have thought. Duet lets you connect your iPad to your Mac with the charging cable and actually use it as a second screen. This is especially awesome when you are doing photo editing, video editing, or music production. Nothing is cooler than having one screen dedicated to editing audio and another screen dedicated to an on-screen mixing board.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Buying A New Car? Which Will You Choose Apple CarPlay Or Android Auto?

Apple and Google have been in heavy competition basically forever. So when one of them decided that they were going to offer some type of in-car experience, you already knew that they were both going to jump on it and try to out-do each other.

The Future Of Dashboards

Apple and Android are two of biggest names in the tech world right now. No matter what, neither company would dare put out something that wasn't as amazing as it could be. With that being said, the two different in-car experiences are going to have their differences. They are both designed to plug your smartphone directly into the built-in display on the car's dashboard, and they are both made to make your driving experience safer and easier. But what exactly is different about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Android Auto

Android Auto is currently in beta, but it already looks like a finished product for the most part. As far as the overall feel, it looks a lot like Android 5.0 Lollipop running on a smartphone or something. With an Android OS, all of the notifications and the layout are more based on Google Now. You can listen to music, make calls, check the weather, receive messages and all more. The navigation is obviously Google Maps. Probably the most reliable navigation out there.

Apple CarPlay

Apple's CarPlay sticks to what Apple does best: Keeping things simple. The main part about the whole thing is Siri, which is expected. Siri helps you respond to notifications and listen to messages. There are third party apps that you can use like Spotify for listening to music, and Apple uses it's own apps to handle navigation and podcasts and things of that nature.

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The Decision

At the end of the day, they both pretty much offer the exact same things. So far, some car companies have been making cars that only allow you to use one or the other, but there are a few manufacturers that are starting to make cars that allow you to use either one. At that point it will all just come down to personal preference. That way you won't have to worry about changing devices or having to buy your dream car that was built with a service that you don't like.

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