Friday, May 15, 2009

Google Barcode Scanning Integration For Mobile Devices

Google Android Barcode ScannerEver since Google's Product search has been integrated onto mobile devices, people have been pleased with the convenient way to look for items. But, considering laziness is becoming a growing part of our society these days, people are losing patience it takes to type in or speak the product name they wish to search for. Well, being the user friendly service that Google is, they have decided to make it easier for you to search for things using their new barcode scanner app.

Google revealed the Android version of their Product Search that is now integrated with barcode scanning functionality. The process is simple, just head on over to and select "shopping" from the "more" page. Then follow the step by step instructions and download the latest version of Google's barcode scanner and your ready to roll. Now all you have to do is go on over to the Product Search page, hit "Scan Barcode", position the red line in the center, and Google takes care of it from there.

Google's barcode scanning works best for products like video games, books, electronics, movies, or things like that. However, Google is working on adding more and more barcodes from other products. If you scan an item and you do not receive a result, that just means that Google has yet to add that barcode. But don't fret, you can still type in your search or speak it in, just like before.

A new way to shop for Android owners. Now all you have to do is go around scanning things with your phone, which is much easier than trying to steal your own scanner from the store or lugging your desired unmarked item to the one scanner in the store you can never find.

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