Friday, July 24, 2009

Navigon Offers Money Saving GPS Application

Navigon GPS App for iPhone
I recently wrote a blog review about the iPhone 3g S and I mentioned many of the pros and cons. In todays economy it is important to do your homework with technology to make sure that you are not only getting a good deal and are aware of the services attatched; for example the GPS application on the iPhone 3g and 3gs. AT&T offers it’s own navigation software subscription at 9.99 a month but until Aug 15th Navigon is offering their new GPS application for $69.99.

Navigon taking advantage of the waiting time for TomTom to keep their promise to deliver a GPS application for the new iPhones Navigon beat them to the punch with a 1.29GB. Mobile navigator program contains comprehensive NAVTEQ maps of North America and it loads from the phone and not online, and even though it does take up a chunk of your phone’s storage it is a money saver because there are no reoccurring charges.

Navigon's app includes Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant and Day & Night Mode. You can establish a Home address, setup favorite addresses, access nearby POIs and get from point A to point B via voice guided, turn-by-turn directions. The app can also utilize the iPhone's accelerometer, switching from horizontal to vertical mode as soon as you flip the phone. Multitouch zooming also works.

Navicon’s app works really well but every new technology has its pros and cons so we have mentioned the good… now its time for the bad. I would have to say the biggest con would have to be there are no real-time traffic updates. Other things to mention are you do need to have your car charger because the program does run the battery down rather quickly. Also, without the support of some background applications every phone call you receive will take your nav offline and exits you from your route.

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