Wednesday, September 2, 2009

D3o for iPhone Protection

When I bought my iPhone, I was so afraid that I was going to break it by dropping it. So I also paid around $40 for a cheap plastic third party case, thinking that it would offer at least the slightest protection for my new handheld baby. A couple months later, I dropped my iPhone and the screen cracked, along with the case I bought to protect the phone. The bottom right corner of the phone looks like it got ran over by a car, and the crack goes all the way to the middle of my phone. Those days are over. Tech21 has released a new sleek protective case called the iBand for the iPhone and iTouch that is made from a material called d3o. D3o is a non-Newtonian substance, which means the squishy soft case will become rock solid when impact is applied, protecting the contents inside.

Normally, d3o is found in protective gear and apparel for biking, motorcycles, and other high impact protection wear. Tech21 is one of the first companies to bring the d3o material to the “tech world”. The iBand fits around the rim of the iPhone, protecting it from even face down landings. In the demonstration video from Tech21, they drop am iTouch with the iBand on it, from a two-story balcony and the phone survives a face-down landing! This is a great new product for clumsy people like me, because I drop my iPhone on almost a daily basis, and I know if it can survive a drop from 20 feet, I know it can survive from me dropping it getting out of my car because it was sitting on my lap. I have my iPhone 3GS on the way, and this will probably be the best investment I am going to make for only $25, considering I will be protecting a $700 piece of equipment.

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