Sunday, March 7, 2010

Google's New Gesture Search for Android

Google's New Gesture Search for Android
Google has announced that it has created "Gesture Search," a feature that allows users to search through files on their Android smartphones by tracing a letter such as "A" on the phone's screen. It's supposed to learn from your search history to improve your search quality and is currently available for phones that run Android 2.0 or higher. This is just one of many things Google has done recently to increase its smartphone operating system's viability in the current market. It also comes as companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple have been working to create various forms of mobile search for their smartphones.

The features works well with Google's Nexus One, which uses Anroid 2.1. Other phones are supposed to upgrade to 2.1 throughout the rest of the year, including the Motorola Droid. It allows users to search their contacts, applications, bookmarks, songs, and other items.

And if your handwriting isn't too neat, that's okay. If you draw an "A" that looks like an "H," results from both letters will be displayed. If you need to erase something, just swipe your finger horizontally through the query.

You can download the app from Android Market and as for now, it's only available in English. The app joins the recent release of Google Earth for Android 2.1, which allows users to access places on a map via voice-recognition. It also allows users to see satellite and 3D views of almost any place on earth, just like the web version.

Google entered the smartphone market with the release of the Nexus One in early January.

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