Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gowalla 2.0 for iPhone 3G

Gowalla 2.0 for iPhone 3G
Gowalla, a "social network that connects people with places by inspiring them to discover and share the world" based out of Austin, Texas, has announced Gowalla 2.0 for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The new version is much like the older version, but with better, enhanced features. The location-based social networking app is said to be better than ever and offers tons of great features that let you check in and let your friends know where you are at any time.

Not only is the new app designed better - it's more flexible, readable and over all usable, but gives users the ability to do so much in the way of social networking. Users can check in and add new spots, upload photos, brows friends' photos, or see photos taken at a particular spot. They can also receive comments from friends and other users once they've checked in. If you want to add a message to your spot, you can do so, and if you want to do it later, you can come back and do that too. Hot spots in nearby areas will be highlighted so users can discover them and you'll have the opportunity to browse friends' bookmarked spots, as well as create trips.

You can build your network by staying in touch with friends from Twitter, Facebook, and other websites, as well as keep up with addresses, phone numbers, Twitter names, and Facebook pages of various check in spots. There is so much to do! The app is fun and useful.

In a press release, Josh Williams, the co-founder and CEO of Gowalla said, "Gowalla 2.0 for iPhone is an amazing step forward for us and our product. We’re very excited to have Chevy working with us during SXSW to showcase the new features of our platform. Gowalla is about going out and exploring the world around you, and it’s always great to have some friends along for the ride.”

Gowalla has also updated their SXSW website (, to include real-world rewards, events, competitions, and challenges.

Chevrolet has partnered with Gowalla to let Austin, Texas users receive icons redeemable for transportation in a dedicated fleet of Chevrolet vehicles, or information at Chevrolet lounges around the city.

Gowalla 2.0 is free from the Apple App Store, or you can download it from People from over 165 countries have already checked in at over 600,000 places.

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