Thursday, March 24, 2011

AT&T Plans on Giving Android Users Access to the New Amazon Appstore

Amazon AppstoreSo, the popular online retailer, has just launched their newest service, the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore is a mobile app marketplace similar to the Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store but completely run by One interesting thing Amazon is doing to attempt to draw customers away from Apple and Android is offering a free app every day that you would normally have to pay for.

The first app they released for free was a new installment in the Angry Birds series known as Angry Birds Rio, which models itself after the upcoming animated movie Rio. Well Rovio, developers of the Angry Birds series, just announced on their Facebook page a few hours ago that "AT&T is also working on enabling purchases from the Amazon Appstore soon."

If this is true, then it would mark a very big move on AT&T's part considering the fact that they have been rock solid in their resolve to keep apps from outside the Android Market off of their branded Android devices. This has been viewed as frustrating and illogical by a lot of AT&T customers. However, AT&T has confirmed to Engadget that they are, in fact, getting access to the Amazon Appstore.

"We're working to give our Android customers access to third party application stores. This requires updates to our systems and finalizing arrangements with Amazon. We will share more info with our customers in the near future," AT&T stated.

However, with any good news usually comes bad and that holds true here. The bad news is that AT&T isn't having any discussions with Amazon about this at all. This may indicate that they are planning on making an exception to their Android marketplace policy for the Amazon Appstore as opposed to enabling sideloading on all of their Android devices.

This could possibly involve some firmware updates which drop the Amazon Appstore in ROM. However, that seems like a lot of work, especially with all the red tape that is involved in pushing just a single update for a single mobile device on a major carrier. Keep checking back here as we will have all the info as it plays out.

Source: Engadget - AT&T planning on access to Amazon Appstore, sideloading still an open question

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