Friday, May 6, 2011

Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Infuse 4GIf you thought the Droid X was big, wait until you see the newest thing coming out of Samsung and AT&T. I'm talking, of course, about the Samsung Infuse 4G. This device, which some are calling a superphone, is the biggest device to come out of Samsung to date and measures 4.5 inches. And even though it is rather large, it feels surprisingly light when you pick it up. That could be a result of the impressive 8.99mm profile with subtly textured backside, however.

The Samsung Infuse 4G is said to come with a Super AMOLED Plus display just like the smaller Droid Charge. The Super AMOLED Plus display is said to be much brighter than the traditional Super AMOLED screen as well as easier to view in direct sunlight. Hands-on reports from across the web note that the Super AMOLED Plus display is remarkable and hands down better then the regular Super AMOLED display. The colors are crisp, the blacks are deep and the screen is just all around nice to look at.

Samsung loaded the Infuse 4G with Android 2.2 and made its TouchWiz UI a little less intrusive when you first start to play around with your device. The Infuse 4G comes with a single-core 1.2GHz processor but that doesn't really matter unless you just absolutely love benchmarking things. Apps load up quickly and the touchscreen is responsive and precise.

You can swipe through seven home pages as well as three pages of applications right out of the box, until you customize it of course. This is also AT&T's first device that promises max speeds of 21 Mbps, which is quite a statement. In addition to that, the Infuse 4G, unlike other phones like the Inspire 4G, Captivate or Aria, allows app sideloading and also features the "Unknown Sources" menu item in the settings.

The good news is that this phone will be available May 15th through AT&T or Samsung for $200.

Source: Engadget - Samsung Infuse 4G hands-on (updated)

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