Monday, October 29, 2012

Google Nexus 4 Announced

Even though hurricane Sandy forced Google to cancel Monday's Android event in New York City, Google still released information on their newest phone, the Nexus 4. The new flagship phone, designed exclusively by Google and LG, marks the first time that Google has partnered with someone other than Samsung on their Nexus line of smartphones. While there are hundreds of different smartphones that run Google's Android operating system available, the Nexus line of smartphones are the pinnacle of Google's efforts.

The new iteration of the Nexus series brings with it many improvements over the previous generation, the Galaxy Nexus. Some of the new features include an upgraded 8 Megapixel Camera, a 4.7 in. display with 320 ppi, wireless charging capabilities, and Android 4.2, the newest Android OS. The device is expected to be available on November 13 on the Google Play online store. The unlocked version of the phone will be available in both 8 GB and 16 GB storage options starting at $299 for the 8 GB version. There is also an alternative purchasing option available as T-Mobile will offer the 16 GB version for $199, with two-year contract, starting November 14.

The Nexus 4 brings to the very crowded smartphone market a new android device that offers many great features. While many of the features available on the Nexus 4 already exist on other phones and some key features such as LTE connectivity are missing, there remains one key element that separates a Nexus phone from the rest of the smartphone field, the fact that it runs stock Android. The version of Android that will be available on the Nexus 4 is Android 4.2 Jellybean, a slight update from Android 4.1 Jellybean. Some of the updates include a feature called "Photo Sphere", along with gesture typing. Nexus 4 is unique because running stock android means that the OS is pure Google and is not filled with various manufacturer "skins" such as "Touchwiz" on Samsung and "Sense" on HTC smartphones. This means a better experience as a whole for the OS, and first-priority updates of any new Android operating systems.

While the device has yet to hit the market, and the impact is sure to be big, it remains to be seen if the LG-produced Nexus 4 can challenge the smartphone kings Apple and Samsung. Competing against the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III is sure to be an uphill battle, but if any new Android device has a shot to compete, it is sure to be the Nexus 4.


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