Thursday, September 19, 2013

iOS7 Has Finally Arrived

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here! The new iOS7 update has finally arrived, and with that being said, a lot of readers out there may be wondering what the capabilities and nuances of Apple's latest operating system are. So is it really THAT much of a step up from the last iOS? Lets find out.

Aside from a typical boost in performance rate and stability, as is the case with many an update, a few key features will include improvements to the photo album feature, multitasking features, and upgrades to our ol' pal Siri's search functions. The new operating system is also giving iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users and complete aesthetic overhaul. While many users may be very family with the "black background" type look, the new presentation has a more clean "white" almost quirky look to it now that many Apple users, both old and new, should have no problem adjusting to.

With all the hype leading up to the release, there were some that were not as enthused with the new design as others were. The response from a few critics at the WWDC this year was mixed overall. But then again, now that it is finally here, we can begin to see some actual reviews from the higher ups and everyday users alike. Either way, this definitely looks to be a very defining new update for Apple, so fanboys should definitely rejoice.

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