Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Rufus Cuff Makes The Claim That It Is The Smartwatch Successor

Have you ever sat and looked at all of the ways we communicate with each other? Remember the days of the landline? A few of us might, but the younger generation has no clue, mainly due to the fact that there are now 9-year-olds running around with iPhone 5s. We used to send letters. We used to use the "home phone". That age has passed and now we are in an age where communication and technology may as well be next to each other in the dictionary. We text. We tweet. We message each other. We post statuses. We post pictures. The point being that recent technology has given us a much more networked way to communicate with others. Around 20 years ago the idea of being able to connect and become friends with someone on the opposite side of the world was impossible. Now, as long as you have a Facebook, you can talk to anyone you want.

Some of the tech that has helped us with this extended level of communication is still on its way up. Take the smartwatch for example. The thought of the device is a brilliant one, however, there are some drawbacks as most of us are aware. Most smartwatches have screens that are roughly an inch or so in display size. This alone is enough to push some of its possible customers away. There is a new device that aims to offer more than most smartwatches can even begin to offer however.

The Rufus Cuff is what the makers would call a full on "wrist communicator". I know that sounds a lot like what you would hear on those Saturday mornings when you would get up early to watch Power Rangers, but they don't seem to be joking. As of right now, the company Rufus Labs is funding the project with an IndieGoGo campaign that has all of the information on the device in depth.

Upon further inspection of the device, it does seem to offer quite a bit more than its more well known competitors. Take the Galaxy Gear models, the Pebble Smartwatch, and even Google's smartwatch. All of these big names have put a lot of effort into ensuring that their products are available and offer a good sense of practicality. The Rufus Cuff does a bit more than these though. A 3-inch display, coupled with full on apps, video calling, texting, regular phone calls, web browsing, and more. Already the Rufus Cuff is ahead of the game by maintaining what all of its competitors are offering but with a larger, easier to manage screen. It works by tethering directly to your phone and works with both Android and iOS devices.

The claim that they are making that this is the "next step" in smartwatches is a pretty big one. Having said that, they are putting a lot of effort into making this a promise and not just an empty statement. Upon time of writing this, the company is already at $122k of their $200k goal with 13 days left to go. It's safe to say that people are definitely interested, but the bad part is that it seems a bit to hard to mass manufacture such a device to the point that it gains notoriety. It's a sad truth, but the devices that are more readily available will remain on top, especially with the big brand names backing them. Unfortunately it may not matter how good the device is, it may be another gem swept under the rug by the big name competitors. Hopefully that won't be the case, as it looks quite promising.

Smartwatches are getting hotter and hotter as the days go by, but they are still in the early stages. If  you're not sure if they may be right for you, renting tech like that may be better than just walking into the nearest electronics storing and buying one outright. Renting, to be sure, is always the best option.


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