Monday, February 16, 2009

Flip MinoHd

The Flip MinoHD is the latest product from Pure Digital Technologies which is an upstart company that has turned the camcorder market around with the digital camcorders. It is a simple concept with a tiny handheld video camera reduced in size. It is as compact as an iPod, has no tapes and needs no Fire Wire. There is a USB jack on the top that connects on a Mac desktop with standard MPEG-4 video files ready to use.

It is designed to be simple sleek and easy to use. The power button is on the side and the small, high resolution screen on the back lights up. The red record button is on the back. In only 4 seconds after getting it out you can be recording HD video. It is black with a chrome band across the front, circling the lens, and continuing along the rear edge.

The MinoHD holds 60 minutes of 720p video into its 4 GB of flash memory. It has a 2x digital zoom but digital zoom shows enlargement artifacts and loses detail. The microphone is omnidirectional and picks up speech from ambient noise very well. The audio is recorded in mono and encoded in 64 kb/sec AAC.

The battery is not removable and recharges via USB just like an iPod. With the screen only being 1.5 inches it is still very bright and clear. The MinoHD is used for convenience and are easy, fast, fun and you can easily record video without all the hassle of using a tape.

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