Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apple iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0The iPhone. One of the amazing marvels of modern technology. There is already so much you can do with the iPhone and you may be wondering what else is there? Could there possibly be anything else? Well iPhone enthusiasts, I have great news, there is.

On March 17, Apple announced the schematics of the iPhone OS 3.0 , the latest version of the most advanced mobile platform in the world. But that isn't all Apple had in store for the audience. Apple, in addition to showing off the innovative features, gave members of the iPhone Developer Program instant access to the beta of the iPhone OS 3.0 software and SDK with over 1,000 entirely new API's.

Everything just keeps getting better and better for all of you iPhone users. The iPhone OS 3.0 will have 100 new features when it hits this summer. Among these new features is the ability to search your iPhone, cut, copy, and paste things, send photos, contacts, audio files, and location MMS, and even read and compose email and text messages in landscape. These combined with the big list of other features is sure to get any iPhone user all tingly in their stomach.

In addition to 100 new features is the 1,000 new API's for developers. Members of the iPhone Developer Program can build applications that do more with the new SDK(software developers kit). With this, developers will be equipped with the tools that allow them to enable in-app purchases, including subscriptions, additional game levels, and even new content. Developers can also create apps that connect peer to peer through Bluetooth as well as communicate with hardware accessories and use Apple Push Notification service to provide alerts.

Also with the SDK you get the ability to embed maps within your applications with the new Map Kit framework. The Map Kit works with Google Mobile Maps Service which features panning and zooming current location, geocoding, and custom annotations. You can also get iPod Library access. With this you can access music, podcasts, or audio books in from a user's iPod library directly from your application via the updated Media Player Framework. This allows you to play, repeat, and shuffle songs or entire playlists. You can even create sequences of songs using custom sequences. Also with the SDK you can use the new External Accessory framework. Now you can communicate with "Made for iPod" hardware accessories attached to iPhone or iPod Touch by wirelessly using Bluetooth or by using the 30-pin dock connector.

Needless to say iPhone users will be more than pleased with the new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 and SDK. iPhone enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to when this hits this summer.

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