Thursday, June 4, 2009

iPhonne Apps: The Best and the Worst

iPhone appsThe iPhone is one of the coolest devices around. Everybody loves using it to surf the internet, take pictures, record videos, watch movies, and.....uh....what's that other thing it does? Oh yeah, make calls. Probably the greatest thing about the iPhone is the ability to download different apps, or applications, to your phone. There are a reported 43,000 apps in the online store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But finding the right one for you can be tough. So, here is a list of the top 10 smartest iPhone and iPod Touch apps, along with the top 10 dumbest.

Smart 10.) FTP On the Go - perfect for an IT professional or web designer.

Dumb 10.) Rate a Fart 2.0 - Not only is it bad enough that somebody created this app, they had to go and recreate it for a 2.0 style. Wow, really guys?

Smart 9.) Bloomberg - The best app to have for keeping track of the financial market. It allows you to track your individual portfolio, foreign futures and indexes.

Dumb 9.) iPickupLines - I don't know if they are serious with some of these pickup lines or just joking, sometimes its hard to tell. But some of the intended lady-getting lines include "Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water at home" "Baby you're like a student and I'm like a math book, you solve all my problems" and mt personal favorite "Do you mind if I hang out here until it's safe back where I farted?" Honestly, I'm speechless.

Smart 8.) Shazam - Just point your iPhone at any piece of recorded music, press Tag, and the shazam app identifies the song, the band, info, lyrics, and related videos while also letting you buy the song directly from iTunes with ridiculous accuracy.

Dumb 8.) iGirl: She Obeys (Lite) - For those of you who can not get a real girlfriend, there is iGirl. You can poke, flirt, swivel and fantasize about this 3D girl all you want. And by upgrading to the actual version for 99 cents. The full version allows you to get more clothing, hair colors, and "action" options. Wow. Plus the attraction of "blowing-on-your-iPhone" fun, whatever that means.

Smart 7.) Pandora Radio - Just like it's computer counterpart, the Pandora App allows you to look for a song you like then the Genome project goes into affect finding songs that are similar to the one you picked, hoping you will like it as well.

Dumb 7.) iStrip: Sexy Pen - There used to be these pens out there that when you tilted them, the clothing of a very attractive woman would slip off, leaving "all natural". well the iPhone has digitized this pen in an app. The only difference is that the models are depressed looking an unattractive, the graphics are ridiculous, and there is no nudity, which was the whole point of the pens in the first place.

Smart 6.) Kindle for iPhone - The ability to download a book and read it whenever and wherever you want to is the best way to defeat boredom. With nearly 300,000 books on the app, you are sure to find something you like.

Dumb 6.) Wooo! Button - Uh yeah, that is all it is, a button that when you push it it says "Wooo!" That's it, probably one of the moist pointless acts ever created.

Smart 5.) BeatMaker - With 16 trigger pads, you can play samples that are included in the library, or something you recorded on the go. A multi-resolution, multi-track step sequencer supports pattern creation and assembly. There are also a ton of other features on this app as well that makes it worth your purchase.

Dumb 5.) SoftServe Poop Machine - What do you say about an app that allows you to create defecation? Stupidity, utter stupidity.

Smart 4.) Vlingo: Voice App - A voice app that allows you to tell your iPhone what you want it to do and it does it. Simple as that.

Dumb 4.) A little, yellow face that sings off key. Its just stupid. Sincere, charming, but just plain stupid .

Smart 3.) Remote - This app allows you to control your music's computer, AirTunes speakers, or even the Genius Playlist creator from any part of your house that has Wi-Fi.

Dumb 3.)The Crazy Frog - This is simply a cheap rip off of the original crazy frog, which was at least remotely entertaining. This version is a boring frog and a boring sound.

Smart 2.) Bento - Just a basic organizing app for your iPhone. It helps you organize all the details of your life easily. The iPhone app can be synced with Bento 2.0 v4 fir the Mac or can be used as a stand alone app.

Dumb 2.) iKissMe - An app that allows you to scroll through a variety of kisses and then delivers said kiss when you actually kiss your iPhone! To quote Apple, "iKissMe is a great way to practice your kissing skills, or to just ring you up when you're feeling down." I feel really sorry for anyone who needs to kiss their iPhone's virtual lips to make them feel better.

Smart 1.) LogMein Ignition - Trying to trouble shoot a friend or family member with computer needs over the phone is difficult. But with LogMein ignition, you can wirelessly take control of that persons computer and do what you wish with it. The app itself is pricey at $29.99 and you and the other person both have to be LogMein account members. But it's all worth it to become a god in the IT field.

Dumb 1.) CalmCandle - Wow, the only thing this app does is show you a burning candle, thats it. The only real thing happening is that the candle slowly burns down over time. Not a bad app if you want a screen saver or love the sight of burning candles but a $4.99 are you kidding me!? The dumbest app ever.

So there you have it, a list of 10 apps to check out and 10 to stay away from, that is unless you are stupid or have the brain capacity of a grapefruit. If that is you they hey, go get as many stupid apps as you want, I'm not going to stop you.

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