Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palm Pre Drops to $80 on Amazon

Palm PreThe Palm Pre from Sprint was a pretty big success when it was first released not too long ago and now what was already a great mobile device just got even better thanks to In what marks either a slowing of Palm Pre sales or just an extremely generous price cut from Amazon, you can now get the Palm Pre off of Amazon's website for just $79.99. But the good news doesn't stop there. Not only do you get the Palm Pre for just $80, but that price also includes free activation for you Pre right out of the box. The only thing is that this comes with a two-year service agreement from Sprint.

In addition to the cut back Palm Pre, Amazon is also offering the Palm Pixie for a mere $24.99 also with free activation. Compare these prices to Sprint's prices of $149.99 for the Palm Pre and $99.99 for the Palm Pixie and you got yourself a pretty sweet deal from Amazon. Two days ago, Palm did ship an update to the Palm Pre's webOS (1.3.1). This was created with the Palm's hack in trying to get iTunes sync working and it also fixed some bugs in the system and added a few new features.

The Palm Pre is a great device but is nowhere near the iPhone killer it was made out to be. The Pre has faced stiff competition from Apple's iPhone as well as the BlackBerry 9700 and even the hyped up Droid. With companies like Apple, Android and Research in Motion racing up the charts as fast as they are, thanks in large part to Nokia and Windows Mobile, the piece of the smartphone market that Palm Pre occupies is growing thin. However, maybe this new price drop from Amazon can help put some new life in the Palm Pre.

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