Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walmart Giving Away $100 Gift Card with BlackBerry Purchase: One Week Only!

WalmartWalmart has come up with this crazy idea to help shoppers actually save money over this holiday shopping season. The company has promised that it will deliver a deal a week this holiday season to help people keep more cash in their pockets. And in keeping with their promise, Walmart has decided that every customer who purchases a BlackBerry device at Walmart Wireless and signs up for a two-year contract will receive a $100 Walmart gift card.

According to Greg Hall, Vice President of Media Services with Walmart, "We know customers are very focused on value, and we have promised each week to deliver new savings to help them stretch their dollars this holiday season." He goes on to say that, "With our expansion of Walmart Wireless products over the last year, we look forward to providing an exciting offer on our BlackBerry assortment and give cellular customers an extra boost on holiday needs."

Walmart offers BlackBerry devices on all four major carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Smart phones continue to be one of the most selling cellular devices on the market. Walmart has a total of 7 BlackBerry devices on sale: The AT&T Curve 8310, AT&T Bold 9000, Sprint Curve 8330 (Red and Titanium colors), T-Mobile 8520 (Black, White and Frost colors), T-Mobile Pearl 8120 (emerald color), Verizon Storm and the Verizon Storm II.

Walmart also offers this special deal to online customers as well. If you prefer to buy your BlackBerry online at Walmart's website then you will receive a $100 eGift Card. With the tough economic times we are in right now, seeing a company as profitable as Walmart doing what they can to save shoppers money is a definitely cool. The sale starts this Saturday, November 14th at 8 a.m. and runs until next Saturday, November 20th so you better get moving if you want one of those niffty $100 gift cards.

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