Friday, May 14, 2010

Cellphones Are Making Landlines Obsolete

cellphones vs landlinesU.S. reporters stated on Wednesday that about twenty-five percent of U.S. homes have abandoned their landlines and taken to just utilizing their cellphones. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has also found that about fifteen percent of household who do have the standard landlines with plug-in phones almost never use them.

The NCHS, which is a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost completely depends on telephone surveys to gather their information about the American public’s health. This decrease in use of landlines could cause some problems with their information gathering.

Some of the information that the NCHS collected shows some interesting implications for the cellphone industry in America. The data was taken from 21,375 different households across America. 40,619 of those surveyed were adults and 14,984 were children were under the age of 18.

The reports stated that, "One of every four American homes (24.5 percent) had only wireless telephones (also known as cellular telephones, cellphones, or mobile phones) during the last half of 2009 -- an increase of 1.8 percentage points since the first half of 2009. In addition, one of every seven American homes (14.9 percent) had a land line yet received all or almost all calls on wireless telephones."

Almost 52 million Americans live in a household that only utilizes cellphones. The study also found that nearly half of adults aged 25 to 29 lived in a household that doesn’t use a landline.

Honestly, this information does not come as a shock to me. It’s crazy how much people use there cell phones. Really what’s the point of a landline for young adults? Some people, like my grandparents, hold on to their landlines and appreciate their simplicity. In the next few decades, I believe that the use of landlines is likely to almost disappear. Everything is going cellular. It’s so much easier to the younger generations. Although these statistics may seem drastic, expect to see the numbers rising even more in the future.

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