Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nokia Updates N900

Nokia N900For all of you Nokia N900 owners out there I have some news for you: there is a new software update headed your way being released to the fine folks in the UK today and to the rest of the global community tomorrow. This new update, entitles Version 1.2, is coming to us offering a wide range of enhancements to the already packed Maemo5 mobile computer.

First on the list of new features are new games on the Ovi store. Such titles coming to your N900 include Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Zen-bound, Angry Birds (level pack), Sygic, Kroll, Weatherbug and GoGadget. These games will not show up until Thursday, May 27th, however, when Ovi store does a full switch over.

The next improvement coming via the update is for communications. The e-mail system has been greatly improved giving you the ability to accept or decline an event invitation right from your inbox. Facebook and IM chat has also been bundled in with this as well. Video calling has also been added allowing users face-to-face chatting anywhere, anytime.

Here is a tasty bit of info that will be sure to tickle your fancy. Portrait browsing on the internet is officially a-go on the N900. Ovi maps also get the updated treatment housing changes to the user interface which improves the experience of finding your way around. Finally rounding out the update is a change to the menu system user interface with the first level no completely customizable.

After much talk, Nokia has claimed that they will MeeGo will not be officially supported on the N900 once the Intel/Nokia OS is ready. Nokia has said that it will continue to support the core Maemo OS has shown by this most recent update. On the other hand, we have seen the N900 overclocked and hacked to run OS X and Android so it is likely that the active fan-base will deliver a MeeGo update of their own, unofficially.

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