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10 Best Free iPhone Apps 2010

10 best free iphone apps 2010 As Apple continues to crank out the latest version of their iPhone, new apps continue to emerge day after day. Apple’s App Store can provide you with pretty much anything you could want or imagine, and tons of people seem willing to shell out millions of dollars to purchase these apps. The iTunes App Store carries over 225,000 apps for an average price of $2.80 per app. Fortunately, for those who don’t wish to spend lots of money on apps, there are plenty of free apps that everyone can appreciate.

Here are a few of the free apps…or what I would consider the top 10 free iPhone apps available right now:

10. ESPN ScoreCenter 1.5.3
This is absolutely perfect for anyone that’s a sports fan. ESPN ScoreCenter allows you to track all of your favorite sports teams on one single page and can provide instant notification when a game starts or a team scores.

9. Facebook 3.1.4
If you’re a Facebook fanatic, then your definitely going to need this app. The home screen of this Facebook app is a 3 x 3 grid that gives you access to basically everything on Facebook. A nice feature that is included is the ability to call or text any friend through this app who has their number posted on their page.

8. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 2.1
Condé Nast,
Epicurious is an extremely useful site where you can plan meals and find recipes. This iPhone app allows you to not only find recipes but also turn your favorite recipes into a shopping list that you can check off. You can also turn your favorite recipes into a paginated cookbook form.

7. eBay Mobile 1.7.0
eBay Inc., `
eBay Mobile allows you to manage all of the eBay auction items that you might be keeping your eye on easily from your phone. You’ll be able to bid on and hopefully win your items right on your iPhone. The app allows you to search, bid, update information, check your bids, and more.

6. Dragon Dictation
Nuance Communications, Inc.,
Dragon Dictation allows you to easily dictate an e-mail or text. All that you have to do start up the app, tap the red button, and dictate for up to a minute at a time. It's great to use on the go.

5. Dropbox 1.2.2
Evenflow, Inc.,
Dropbox is an app that allows you to “drop” files, pictures, videos, spreadsheets, and documents into a personal file space that can then be accessed from any computer. This app can be used not only on your iPhone but also on the iPod Touch or the iPad.

4. CNBC Real-Time 1.3
NBC Universal Inc.,
This is a great business site that gives business alerts and even features a detailed stock portfolio tracker. If you follow the stock market closely, this app is for you.

3. AT&T myWireless 1.3.2
AT&T Services Inc.,
The myWireless app from AT&T is extremely helpful. It will tell you when you’re coming close to your monthly data limit, how many minutes you have used for the month, or when your next bill is going to be due. This app helps protect you from getting any unpleasant, unexpected AT&T charges.

2. Bing 1.2
Microsoft Corp.,
Bing is your perfect search engine for the iPhone. It also offers photo search, voice search, and local shopping searches. This app even allows you to scan products bar codes in order to look up prices in the store.

1. Apple iBook 1.1
Apple Inc.,
The Apple iBook app doesn’t just work as a fantastic e-book reader, but it is also a great PDF reader. You can arrange all of your virtual books and PDFs on the virtual bookshelf. Apple has some older books available from their online store for free, which is nice. You can even sync all of your bookmarks and notations with your iPod Touch and your iPad.

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