Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brando's New Power Pack for iPhone

brando's iphone power packYou may ask what is special about this specific portable battery pack, since there are plenty of different battery packs that can be used with your iPhone. Well, the new iPhone power pack from Brando is unique. It uses EL film to allow you to see the battery’s status at all times. It shows you whether or not the battery pack is charged or not and how much charge it has left. With this battery pack, you will never have to wonder about if you remembered to recharge the battery or not.

The front of the battery pack is completely covered with the special EL film that shows the status of the battery pack’s life at all times. When you use the battery pack to recharge your iPhone, the battery pack pulses like an on-screen charging indicator to let you know that your phone is connected and recharging.

The iPhone power pack is a very convenient accessory to own. It features a 100 mAh capacity. This will charge your iPhone 3G for up to 3 hours of talk time and the iPhone 2 with up to 7 hours of talk time. 100 mAh can also add 18 hours of audio playback or 5 and a half hours of Web surfing time. The pack itself is slim and easy to carry around, so with it you will never have to worry about your iPhone running out of power while you’re out and about.

The power pack from Brando is compatible with the iPhone 4G, iPhone 3G/3GS, and the iPhone 2. It is available from Brando’s online website for $52.00.

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