Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pre 2 Shipping February 17th

Palm Pre 2A lot of people predicted it and a lot of people were correct, the Verizon Pre 2 will be shipping out to customers willing to lay down $99 and sign a 2-year contract on February 17th. If you want the phone but don't feel like throwing your name down on a contract, you can expect to fork over $439.99. If you want to, you can reserve one now at HP's web store and only there due to the fact that Verizon's online store doesn't have a pre-order.

The Pre 2 may get passed over by a lot of people due to two main things: the fact that Verizon just launched their iPhone and the fact that the Pre 3 was just announced as well, which will have a larger screen, better keyboard, dual cameras, video calling and a lot more. Now the Pre 3 isn't set to release until the summer and the only other information is that it will be EVDO Rev A. It is still unclear whether or not Verizon will pick it up.

Questions have emerged as to whether or not HP and Verizon should release the Pre 2 with all the newer devices coming out soon. When HP was approached with that very same question, they responded, "some people want a slightly smaller phone with a slightly smaller screen."

That seems like a pretty weak explanation to me. I mean, since when does anybody prefer things to be smaller? Nevertheless, reports are coming in from different places from companies that have already gotten a chance to use the Pre 2 and test it out. There have been the occasional bugs with webOS 2.0.1 but the general consensus is that the Pre 2 is a big step forward from the Pre Plus. One plus is that HP's Mobile Hotspot application, which allows you to tether as many as five devices via WiFi, isn't going to cost you a dime over your standard data plan.

What about you? Are you excited for the Pre 2 or are you going to wait for the iPhone 4 or Pre 3? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Pre Central - HP puts Verizon Pre 2 on pre-order - $99 on contract, ships Feb 17th

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