Friday, April 8, 2011

Asus Releases Source Code for Upcoming Transformer

Asus TransformerWell now, it appears that Asus has already released the source code (no relation to the movie) for the up and coming, though yet to be released, Asus Transformer Tablet/Laptop. Asus actually released a new website completely dedicated to the Transformer and now things look to be getting even better. Just in case you didn't know or you were curious, the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is pretty much a top of the line Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with a lot of very nice specifications attached to it.

Some of these specs include a 10-inch IPS display, the usual Tegra 2 dual-core processor and everything else you would expect to see in a respectable tablet these days. However, where this device is different is in its ability to plug into a keyboard-like device and "transforming" it (see what I did there?) into a full-fledged tablet and laptop, just like the Atrix from Motorola.

The tablet by itself recently popped its head up at Best Buy for $400, keyboard thingy not included. This is a really good price. While it isn't as good as the Xoom, which has 32GB of storage as opposed to the 16GB on the Transformer, it may be something to tease your eyes away from the iPad 2. The sad news is that the Transformer is not even on store shelves yet, well, not for us here in America at least, which makes this release of the source code seem a little premature.

However, a lot of people are praising Asus for doing this and think that other companies should take notice of this early source code release. Overall, this looks like a pretty cool device and definitely looks like it is worth the price you will be paying for it. Plus, who doesn't like things that transform and give you two separate devices for the price of one?

Source: Android Community - Asus Transformer Source Code Released Already, Shows HTC How It's Done

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