Sunday, April 10, 2011

One-Year Contract Option Dropped By Verizon

According to a report released Friday, April 8, Verizon Wireless has made the decision to end its one-year contract option which customers previously had been able to sign up for in place of their more popular two-year agreements. The report, which was released by PhoneScoop, stated that the one year-contract option will be terminated on April 17. The site went on to quote a Verizon Wireless executive saying, “Keep in mind, a majority of our customers select a two-year contract when buying our devices, so we are responding to what our customers want. They still have options available, such as two-year contracts, month-to-month and prepaid plans.” So far, Verizon representatives have not responded to any requests for comment on the claims that PhoneScoop is making. This may not be a big deal to many people, because if you were like me, I didn’t even know that Verizon offered anything like a one-year or month-to-month plan. On their Web site there is not mention of any plan besides the usual two-year agreement. In comparison to other major U.S. mobile carriers, Sprint does not have a one-year plan available on its Web site, but if customers go into a Sprint store, they will have the option of selecting a one-year plan. It’s interesting that Verizon reps claim that they are “responding to what our customers want,” because how can customers know whether or not they might want a one-year plan if they don’t even know that such an option exists? I think that Verizon has been a little shady about it, but honestly, it doesn’t even matter anymore since in a week the option will be completely obsolete. For those of you looking for a one-year contract, I guess you’ll have to start looking somewhere other than Verizon now.

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