Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Siri All Grown Up

Calling all iPhone users! Your trusty sidekick, Siri, has a message for you all! She is all grown up now! Thats right! Siri has now officially been deemed by Apple to be all "grown up", or in other words, completed. Many of us iPhone users believed our assistive AI friend to be working fine and already and had no more real room for improvement. Well, as luck would have it we were wrong!

So for those of us who may not know who or what Siri is, she is the artificially intelligent assistive voice command software installed with the Apple iPhone 3GS, and every other Apple mobile device to come thereafter. Now what could be a clearer designation of this software being "finished", when we already thought it was? The absence of the word "Beta" from the bottom of Siri's page on the Apple website is pretty clear sign. That and the fact that Siri now has more intuitive applications by means of integrating Twitter and Wikipedia for its search results is also a very nice new touch to see from our old friend.

So far, this new version of Siri is shaping up to be a very nice upgrade from her previous capabilities, but I suppose I should just say "she", because iPhone owners will now be able to pick the gender of Siri as well. With all of the updates that have come through with Siri and iOS7, it is pretty safe to say that Apple is still pushing the top of the tech food chain. "Simplicity" and "easy to use" have always been phrases that Apple means to adhere to, and Siri is no exception. For fans and new comers alike, Siri is at your service.

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