Monday, November 18, 2013

Samsung Plans To Release Three-Sided Display Smartphone

By Erika Blasko - As Samsung continues to face their first annual decline, new ideas are hard to come by with new smartphone advances. But, as of next year Samsung Electronics plans to release a new smartphone concept that includes a three-sided display screen. Samsung says they plan to have each side of the three screens work independently so that multitasking is a breeze.

The new phone will be using a brand new upgraded technology called 'Youm,' that has already been seen in the Galaxy Round phone. Youm was currently filed for a U.S trademark application by Samsung. The three-sided display may be used in the S or Note Samsung handset series, or may be the first to create a new line of smartphones. Although Samsung and Apple are working to introduce curved screens at the same time, there is no definite sign that this will appeal to consumers when it hits the stores as both companies brace for a downfall in high-tech smartphone sales.

Samsung does not have a set release date as to when their version of the three-sided display screen Galaxy smartphone will be released. Although predictions are unclear, Samsung predicts it is more than likely to launch during the end of next year.

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