Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Android 5.1 Update from Google Looks to Decrease Phone Theft

Google is giving Android its first full blown update since the new version of the operating system came out back in November of last year. The main improvement that has everyone excited is the new feature that is supposed to cut down on phone theft tremendously. When you turn on Device Protection, your phone will stay locked until you sign in with your Google account. It will stay locked even if your phone is reset to factory settings. Because of this, there is pretty much nothing a thief can do with it. They won't be able to get ANYTHING off of it. A stolen Android phone is basically just a paperweight.

Apple did something similar a while back. Their feature is called Activation Lock, which comes with iOS 7. In San Francisco is cut down on phone theft by 40%, and in New York City is got cut down by 25%. The new Android update will surely have the same outcome for anyone who uses Android Lollipop. And even if you don't, a thief is going to be less excited about stealing your phone just because they will probably assume there is no point. It makes stealing smartphones not worth the risk.

Other features included in the new update include support for multiple SIM cards, the ability to join Wi-Fi networks and control Bluetooth devices from the Quick Settings menu, and high-definition voice calling.The support for multiple SIM cards will be awesome for people who want to share their smartphone with family members.

The 5.1 update is also supposed to improve Lollipop's overall stability. It is the biggest operating system Google has ever launched for a smartphone, so it was bound to have some kinks that needed to be worked out. It appears they are doing a good job at it!

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