Thursday, March 19, 2015

Galaxy S6 Awarded 'World's Best Smartphone Display'

As it stands right now, the Galaxy S6 from Samsung has the best smartphone display in the world, joining the Galaxy Note 4 with a shared accolade. DisplayMate, which extensively tests smartphone screens and provides highly detailed performance analysis based on viewing angles, pixel density, color accuracy, brightness and other features, awarded the S6 with the title.

President of DisplayMate and testing aficionado Raymond Soneira stated that the newest installment in the Galaxy smartphone family "matches or breaks new records in smartphone display performance in several areas including screen resolution, pixels per inch and highest absolute color accuracy."

In addition to that, Soneira was also impressed with the 2560x1440 resolution that offered 557 ppi, an increase over the S5's 432 ppi. Those numbers may not seem like much, but for a single release cycle it's a pretty impressive jump.

The Galaxy S6 isn't alone on the pedestal of worldwide display greatness. The Galaxy Note 4 also shares the award and still has many of the qualities found in the S6. In addition to that, Samsung's ability to maintain the same performance and specs in a smaller screen than the Note is one of the  main reasons the Galaxy S6 was rated so highly, according to Soneira.

When people got hands on with the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress most of them were very impressed. In addition to the world's best smartphone display, the Galaxy S6 also comes with a solid build quality so there is a lot to be excited about.

The Galaxy S series of smartphones is probably the strongest competitor to Apple's iPhone. The Galaxy S series devices have been awarded the best smartphone displays for the past couple of iterations and the phones overall have been extremely solid.

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