Friday, February 19, 2010

Amazon Releases Kindle for Blackberry

Amazon Releases Kindle for Blackberry
Amazon is releasing a version of its Kindle e-Reader for Blackberry, which means Blackberry owners won't have to have their Kindle devices in hand to read their e-books. The app is free and runs the Kindle software right on your Blackberry.

Using Amazon's "Whisphersync" technology, the app will automatically synchronize to your Kindle, taking you to your last page read. It also allows you to create bookmarks and view annotations you've created on your Kindle in the past. With it, you can access that same e-book on your Blackberry, Kindle, or your computer.

Unfortunately, newspapers, magazines, and blogs will not be accessible via the app, but you will be able to preview the first chapter of any of the 400,000 books in Amazon's catalogue, much like you can with the actual Kindle. According to PC World, the app is easy to use. Most of the books cost around $10.00.

The app is available for Blackberry Curve 8520 and 8900, Bold 9000 and 9700, Storm 9530, Storm 2 9550, and the Tour 9630. Currently, it's only available in the United States, but an international version is supposed to be available in the future.

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