Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Motorola Announces Android 2.1 to Hit Droid

Motorola DroidPeople have been skimming the internet for details about the Android 2.1 update that is coming to the Droid. Well Motorola already informed all of us that the update would be hitting the Droid this week but they have taken the anticipation one step further by unveiling so highly anticipated details on just what we can expect from the update.

A list of features that accompany the Android 2.1 update has been released and is as follows. Users will get Voice Recognition for Virtual Keyboards allowing you to speak your text messages instead of typing them . An enlarged virtual keyboard is also in the update. Users will get a new 3D gallery. The 3D gallery makes all of your photos, videos, album art and images from your Picasa Web albums account appear in 3D stacks that gently move as you tilt the phone. A pinch-to-zoom feature has also been added which allows you to pinch your fingers on selected areas of the screen to zoom in.

Among other features there is a News and Weather app and widget which provides you with weekly and hourly weather forecast updates. An update to Google maps has also been added. The update will sync to your desktop and synchronize starred items between Google Maps and your Droid as well as suggest locations based on your search history. The Android update upgrades your music application by providing new tabs at the top of the music browser. This provides easier access to and navigation to your music.

One of the biggest updates that comes with the Android 2.1 is the addition of Google Goggles. The Google Goggles App lets you take pictures of items to start a Google search. The app can also "read" pictures of business cards and add them to your contacts list. But that's not all, the built-in augmented reality feature displays information about stores, restaurants etc... around you.

The installation process for the update is simple. Your Droid will receive update messages which, when accepted, will download the Android 2.1 update. After the download is complete your phone will restart with all the features listed above. Even though Motorola said the update should roll out this week, there has been no indication. But not to worry, Droid users should get the update notification as soon as it is ready.

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