Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Pico Projectors to make an Off-brand eXpo

aaxa P1 Pico ProjectorThe eXpo from LG cam out not too long ago and it made some headlines. It was the first high-end mobile device to feature an attached projector that connected directly to the phone. While that is cool, what if you already have a high-end mobile device, like the HTC Touch Pro 2, but still want that cool projector aspect? Well then you should check out some alternate Pico 3M MPRO120Projectors like the P1 Pico Projector from aaxa Technologies and the MPRO120 from 3M.

The P1 from aaxa is a compact little projector sporting a hard plastic shell with rubber flaps to protect the memory card flap and lens. The P1 has a lot of sweet features about it. One unique feature about it is that you do not need to hook it up to anything to showcase your pictures or videos. Users can simply plug in a memory card directly into the device allowing the P1 to decode your content directly.

The speakers on this thing are ok, though they could always be louder. If you find them to soft then you always have the option of plugging in a speaker system into the 3.5mm headphone jack. The projector is very bright in a completely dark room. You need to purchase a VGA cable kit in order to connect your P1 to a laptop. Pricing for the P1 comes in at $200, which may sound a bit steep but the upside is that the device is compatible with a ton of devices that you may already own. The projector attachment for the eXpo coasts $180 and only works with that phone. The drawback is that you will have some excess cords with the P1 as opposed to the eXpo but I think the trade off is worth it in the long run.

The MPRO120 from 3M is a bit longer than the P1with a nice soft-touch coating. The MPRO120 also has a built-in tripod mount and offers slightly better performance than the P1 as well. The MPRO120 is a second generation pico projector from 3M. This device works very well in a completely dark room and is still pretty visible when ambient light is applied. A built-in stereo speaker on the device sounds better than the P1's sound system but still isn't amazing. Unlike the P1 this device does come with Composite and VGA cables to connect to a laptop or other devices.

The MPRO120 is more geared toward business people. This is where the price comes in. The MPRO120 will run you $400 which means anybody who just wants a casual projector would be turned away from this device. While the performance is slightly better than the P1, the price may not be worth it unless you are intent on using it a lot.

Overall both projectors are great and offer around the same value and performance. For people like business students, mobile professionals or sales people these devices are perfect. They reduce the weight of having to haul around big expensive projectors and the hassle of setting one up. If you need a quick projector setup then one of these devices is perfect.

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