Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone’s New FarmVille App from Zynga

farmville app on the iPhoneFinally Facebook’s most popular game is coming to the iPhone. On Thursday, Zynga announced that they were launching the FarmVille app the same day that they release their next generation smartphone. This iPhone app will allow FarmVille players to now tend their farms from their phones and will even send out status updates regarding their farms.

Mark Pincus, the founder and CEO of Zynga, stated, “Mobile devices are an extension of people's daily social lives everywhere in the world and the Apple iPhone is the most innovative breakthrough in this area. We are excited to bring FarmVille to the Apple iPhone and introduce our social games to a new audience of mobile users around the world.”

FarmVille can boast over 75 million users merely a year after its release on Facebook. Zynga developed the game originally for Facebook, who signed a 5-year contract with them recently, but they also have a deal with Yahoo as well.

In case you are unsure of exactly what FarmVille is, it is a farming game in which you develop and tend to a virtual farm with the help and collaboration of your friends. Although FarmVille is the number one downloadable game according to the tally by AppData, its numbers have recently been waning. Zynga is hoping that this new app that allows users to take their virtual farms with them on their iPhone will help spark FarmVille fever once again.

Zynga picked a great time to release their new app. There’s plenty of hype about the new iPhone 4, and I’m sure that many users will be excited about the new FarmVille app. I expect that FarmVille will most definitely keep its spot as the number one game thanks to this new app on the iPhone.
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