Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Free Blackberry Apps

free blackberry appsThe Blackberry is the number one smartphone platform in the U.S. It had tons of apps years before the iPhone was even thought up. The issue that Blackberry has had is that there has never been an easy way to find and install these apps. Some of them can be found at the Blackberry App World, where you download apps directly on your Blackberry. Others are available from the independent store GetJar or some are only downloadable from developers’ Web sites. Its harder to find Blackberry apps than iPhone or Android apps, so hopefully this guide will help you to find the top 10 Blackberry apps much easier.

1. AP Mobile News 2.5.5
Download at: The Associated Press;
This news app gives you easy access to local, national, and international news. You can receive up-to-the-minute news, send stories to your Facebook, read stories off-line, or watch news videos. Any news needs will be met with this very convenient app.

2. BBNotePad 1.1.2
Download at: Qin;
The BBNotePad is so much more useful than the Blackberry notepad. It has three different font sizes, gives you the ability to save files as .txt so you can open files right on your computer, and can send memos to other devices through Bluetooth.

3. Bloomberg Mobile
Download at: Bloomberg LP;
Bloomberg is the best free business app for Blackberry. It can provide you with news, stock information, customized lists of stock, market trends, and company descriptions that can be very helpful and is extremely easy to use.

4. BOLT 1.5
Download at: Bitstream;
BOLT is a quick, high-quality browser that can actually download Web pages so they look the same as they would on your desktop computer. You are also able to use all the usual browser features just with a fantastic page views.

5. Facebook
Download at: Research in Motion;
This app can turn your Blackberry into a complete version of Facebook. You are able to view your news feed, lets you view recent status updates and photos, view comments and wall posts, upload or tag photos, a do pretty much anything you can do when using Facebook from a computer.

6. FlashLight 1.0.2
Download at: App Pro Shop from the Blackberry App World
There are a variety of different free flashlight apps to choose from but FlashLight from the App Pro Shop seems to be the easiest to use. The light is bright and you are given the option to adjust the color and the brightness. The manufacturers say that different colors work better for different situations.

7. Gmail 2.0.6
Download at: Google;
You can get so many more features with Gmail. If you choose to read your Gmail through the built-in Blackberry client, you’re going to have a pretty basic experience. If you download the Gmail app, you will be able to access your contact list, sent mail, labels, and stars, and the great thing is that it looks just like Gmail.

8. Google Maps 3.2
Download at: Google;
Google Maps gives you GPS navigation for free. It offers driving, transit, and walking directions. There are even real-time traffic updates that help you get around high-traffic areas. You can easily look up businesses and street addresses and keep yourself going in the right direction.

9. Ka-Glom 1.4
Download at: Magmic;
Finding a fun free game for you Blackberry can be difficult, but Ka-Glom is a puzzle game that will keep you occupied for awhile. It’s a little bit like Tetris, but with some added bonuses. This is a quick, fun-loving game that can give you something a little bit different to amuse you.

10. Opera Mini 5.0

Download at: Opera Software;
The Opera Mini is great for speed. It is able to compress Web pages so that they can transfer more quickly and reformat them so they are readable on small screens. You are able to utilize tabs and bookmarks and can view the page from a desktop view.

These are the top ten free Blackberry Apps. Although Blackberry Apps can be difficult to find, you now have a guide to find the most useful ones easily.

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  2. When my friend's company decided to purchase Blackberry CALs for their work stuff, I thought that maybe I should get a Blackberry myself. My friend told me that the apps I need for work are already there. You've mentioned a few apps here that are going to be pretty useful for me (eyes set on Facebook and Opera Mini).

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