Friday, January 22, 2010

Nexus One Gets Multitouch Hack

Nexus OneWhen the Nexus One first came out, Google called it their "super-phone" and for the most part it was a very good device. But it was missing one thing that completely shocked most people, multitouch. Being the flagship phone, you would expect it to be decked out with every conceivable thing you could think of and yet, no multitouch.

Google, along with it's partners, have been bouncing back and forth with the idea of multitouch and there is definitely logic behind which of their devices receives multitouch and in which markets. But to not give it to the Nexus One seemed a little absurd to most people.

When asked about seeing multitouch in a future Nexus One update, Android chief Andy Rubin simply said, "we'll consider it." That's it, just a consideration? Well for many people out there the words "we'll consider it" just aren't good enough and instead of walking around and complaining about it some people have taken matters into their own hands.

Senior member Cyanogen over at XDA has successfully hacked the Nexus One browser and added multitouch to its functionality. So now everybody can have multitouch on their Nexus One just like we had hoped for! Reports from users who have already attempted the hack have stated that the browser "is working pretty well and is not too laggy". This is making some headlines across the net and people seem to be excited to get their hands on the guide. One thing people should know though is that by attempting the hack, you will lose all of your settings and bookmarks which seems like a small price to pay for getting multitouch on your Nexus One. Check out XDA for Cyanogen's detailed guide on the hack.

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