Saturday, January 9, 2010

The PoolPod: Waterproof Floating Wireless iPod Speakers

poolpodThe PoolPod is the incredible new waterproof speaker system that iPod has developed. They are designed for placing directly into the pool and wirelessly broadcasting music from your iPod. I think that this is amazingly useful!

The PoolPod is wireless, floating, and waterproof. Its perfect while you’re just out relaxing in the pool or while having an all out pool party.

The futuristic design of the PoolPod is actually quite fun and attractive. Its sort of awesome to have a Star Wars-like droid floating in your pool playing your favorite tunes. It has great sound, and the fact that you can have a wireless speaker playing music while your iPod lays safely far away from the water is amazing.

The PoolPod has a 900MHz base station and comes with an audio cable and an AC adapter. The spherical speaker and wireless transmitter dock package is available for $79.99.

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